How to grow taller naturally ?

How to grow taller naturally ?

I’ve made video which contains best exercises for those people who wants to grow taller. I thinks I described well every single exercise, but if You are not sure then feel free to post comment with Your question.

It contains 10 exercises which should increase your height. Remember that is very important to do them daily.

Entire movie You can see in the rest of post.

13 thoughts on “How to grow taller naturally ?

  • ok,i understood how many seconds each repetition should last , but how many repetitions should i do for each exercice

  • It’s dependent of many factors (Your overall health etc). I’ve been doing 10-15 repetitions and I think it was optimal 🙂

    1. How many time in a day ? 10-15 repetitions for one series, if need to do 2 series must do 20-30 repetitions in a day?
      With stretching, bones will be more lenght or the muscle?
      I’m sorry for my bad english.
      Thanks !

  • 10 – 15 repetition for each one? Do you do 2 hours of this in the morning and in the night?
    What’s your actual experience, how do you know all these?

    I can say that I’ve grown 1 cm in 3 days. I’m a really fit person, 18 years old. I do 4 workouts a week, running, swimming and play football. I’m 1.70cm, but I feel that I can get more. By doing this for 6 month – 1 year, can I grow more than 5 inches?

    Now, tell me what activities should I do, to help stimulate my growth? And what other advices do you got for us?

    I can wait for your reply and I hope I haven’t offended you in any way.

    Regards, Peter

  • thank you Genera for this .. we all appreciate it

    we all need your experience to help us to grow taller

    how was your height before exercises and after doing it ?

    thank’s alot

  • i use exercises 10 different and you know growth hormone without pill i use headphone brainwave but it really work.and drink every day milk glasss per two daily
    i’m 173.99 cm
    text me eamial if youm want know here
    regards, scott

  • is it possible to grow 2 inches doing this exersizes every day? just doing this exerzises and thats it? twice a day en i will grow?

    sorry for my bad Ingliss, I’m from Holland.

  • Hello im 13 years old. My height is only 155cm. Olmoust all of my clasmates ar about 162-175cm. My parents are about 173cm i want to be atleast 184cm. i dont want to take any pills or something like that.I would like to know how could i help my self grow faster becouse allot of my classmets just keep mocking out of me becouse of my hegiht.

  • Wow cool video even though im 5ft 8 at 12years old i know hot to get even taller!..and also help my friends grow:)

  • hi…
    i am ajay..
    i am 29 yr old…my height is 163 cm..
    can it possible to increase my height…
    plz tell me…i am in very embarrassing period right now..
    i can able 2 do any type of exercise…
    i am fully determined to increase my height

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