Grow taller while sleeping

Grow taller while sleeping

Do You think it's correct position ? It's not!

No, it’s not any secret method, I will not promote any book or product which will make You taller.

But it’s one of the most important factors If You want to grow taller!

Did You ever ask somebody how many sleep do You need to grow healthy? No? Me neither.

You have to realise that sleeping correctly will increase Your height, but if You don’t sleep correctly then it can be reason of this that You are short!
A lot people sleep only 3-4 hours each night which is not correct!

Do You know the easiest method which can increase Your height? I know and it’s written in the rest of article.

The easiest method to grow taller is remain in bed for couple of days, it can increase your height by INCH! Sadly, it’s only temporary.

When You stand up gravity compress the disc between the vertebrae to their original width,
and you revert back to your original height. While you are lying in bed there is no pressure on the
vertebral disc, which allows it to expand, thus explaining our normal growth pattern. However,
only a small percentage of this expansion is retained. Exercise must be used to strengthen and
maintain this expansion at its peak. Otherwise, the normal forces of gravity will take their toll. On
the other hand, in order to reap the benefits of our detailed exercise program, you must also
assure yourself of getting the proper rest otherwise the exercise is useless by itself. As a rule, I
strongly recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep for best results. I will explain how to sleep to increase height.

If You want to grow taller then don't use pillows!

Do You use a pillow? If yes then You definitely should stop! I know that sleeping on pillow is more comfortable, but it cause bad position of body.
When Your head rests on a pillow, your neck is bent forward which is not natural position. If Your knech or back frequently pains, then it’s probably blame of using pillow.
It can even be reason of condition known as “round shoulders”. So if You want to grow taller then rule #1 – don’t use pillow! You can’t increase height when You are in curved position 8hours

So if You want to sleep correctly which will result in increasing height You should :

  1. Sleep on your back in as straight as possible position.
  2. Don’t use a pillow.
  3. Sleep 8 hours every night.

32 thoughts on “Grow taller while sleeping

  • Im 17 years old ima bodybuilder im 175 cm i would like to increse my height please contact me!

    1. Hi,
      just read everything what I’ve write on this blog or if You want then buy some ebook (I would recommend this, here You can find my review) and read, read, read, then take some action 🙂

  • ..hi help me to increase my height….please email me…thanks a lot…
    ..i’m 18 years old now….but i’m too short for my age….how can i get tall? PLEASE help me…….thank you…

    1. Read all my entries and then take action. You can find here many useful informations about growing tall. Work hard and You will growtaller for sure 🙂

  • hi frn. i m 22 years old bt my growth is not properly. i m 5.8″ bt i m shorter than my family. pl help me. send me some email or any ur contact no so that i get some help by ut side bcoz no one wants to live smaller for whole life

    1. Your height is normal, You can try to get taller, I think You will grow 1-2 inches by doing exercises (You can find my video here). Your body is still growing naturally, You just need to stimulate it 🙂

  • hey guysim 17 years old, i used the growing taller ebook…and seriously i m 2 inches longer now by 8 weeksss..i found this amazing and i was afraid that using weights will affect my growth fine now and i strongly recommend growing taller 4 idiots for you…
    by the way thank you mr.growtaller .your blog is very helpful and awesome

  • hai i am 23 years old i look too short. i deals with my confidence levels. i am unable to do any work. soo please help me to come out of this problem. i am praising u a lot. All of my friends and family members are teasing me that i am short. i wnt to grow height . please help me

  • hi i am Bikash.i am 19 years old.but i am only 5.4 weight 60 k.g.i want increase my height plz help me.

  • hii.. Im 20 years old, but im very short.. i want to increase my height..please help me.. Isn’t possible to increase the height ?

  • hi i am farzad.i am 19 years old.but i am 164 weight 66k.g.i want increase my height plz help me.

  • hi i am lester i am 18 years old but iam only 5.9 please help me grow more taller couse their are some of girls that is taller than me. and i hate it…..^_^

  • Hey,I Am 14 Yrs Old,And My Height Is nearly 160 cm,Please Tell Me That Is This My Normal Height Or I Need To Increase Height.Thanks! In Advance

  • hello, i m 15 nd just 4.9 only..:( 🙁 :(.. plz help me wat should i do? giv me any suggestion plz…plz plz do reply fast

  • hi i’m boy 16y from finland
    i’m 166cm tall (short) and i wan’t to grow taller so please help me ! should i try growth hormone ? i’ll go to hospital next week and maybe i’ll try growth hormone ! my friends are 170cm and taller

  • Hello sir… I’m 19 yrs of age but only 167cm(5’6”) tall. I want to grow more and could you suggest me more exercises? will yoga help out?

  • Hii.
    I am 15, and 152 centimeters only.
    I Want to grow taller.
    I want to be 165 or 170.

  • hey basically im 17 nearly 18 abwt 5 ft 8 inches my dads about 5ft 10 inches and my grandad is 6 ft 2 – 3 is there some i can be 6 ft plus i have alot of tall people in my family similarly i have short people in my family too . i have an ok diet , i go karate, i to alot of cycling is there any chance of my being as tall as my grandad ???

  • hello sir, I’m 13 years old, I learned from school that I should sleep 9 hours to increase my height, but what do you say? 8 hours or 9 hours? what’s best for me plz reply

  • im 13 and im 5’9 i play football for JV and i wanna ask how do i get taller, all of my friends are over 6 ft, im the only guy in the 5 ft range… tips? thanks!

  • hi i hav oly 4.7 inch…help me to increase my height pls. everybody in college teases me as chota so upset and frustrated…pls help me to gain my height…kindly email me

  • i am vietnamese and i am 145cm while i am 20 years old i am excersies everyday but
    one year i am only increase 3 cm and nơ i dont increase my height
    i want taller for my life so what i have to do ?

  • hi im 21 years old and i am really short and just wanted to know how to get hold of your book

  • Hi em…Im 14 and I’m 4 ft 10.My brother is 11 and he is 4 ft 91/2.Its so annoying being the same height as my younger brother.My two friends are like 5-6 ft and they are 14 too.I have always been the smallest in my class and I get teased over it.Can you please help me grow before I go back to school in 3 months? 🙂

  • Im 16age and i very thin and short i now 160cm and 40kg only can i become taller while i don hav enuf fat?

  • good evening, this is govarthan my age is thirty, my height is 150 cm , my height increase is possible or not possible please tell me, and help me.

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