5 things that will increase your height

5 things that will increase your height

There are no secret grow taller methods, everything that You can do without spending money is easy when you have this knowledge and when You are really determined to make this, because it requires some work.

In rest of post I will describe 5 things that can make you taller,all are free and all are easy if You only focus on them.

  1. Sport is great method for spend free time on fresh air with family and/or friends. And it's good for health! 🙂

    Food – this what You eat is very (the most) important. If You eat a lot vegetables, fruits, milk products (cheese, yogurts) then surely Your organism have power to grow taller.

  2. Lifestyle – it’s important for our bodies to move a lot. I like swimming very much, it’s good for muscles and – I think – best for backbone, because swimming loosen up him.
  3. Stretching – if You stretch a lot then Your body „wants to grow taller”, otherwise Your muscles and tendons are not flexible, so Your organism won’t expand.
  4. Everything is in Your hands, if You work hard then You will reach target!
  5. Suplements – in previous post about Suplements – in previous post about healthy food I described which vitamins are important to grow taller. Other method is to eat vitamins and minerals which You can buy in pharmacy. Remember that suplements are only addition to good diet, not replacement! I described which vitamins are important to grow taller. Other method is to eat vitamins and minerals which You can buy in pharmacy. Remember that suplements are only addition to good diet, not replacement!
  6. Determination – regularity in eating, sport, stretching (generally exercises) is the key for success. If you are regular and consistent then You will reach Your destination point. Remember that there is nothing imposible, if You really want something then hard-working will result in success.

80 thoughts on “5 things that will increase your height

  • hi sir, i am madevan from malaysia, i am 28th years old now
    and my height is 165cm..can i grow taller further ?

    1. You can increase height a little bit, maybe 2-3cm using natural methods. If You want more then You should use some supplements, visit Your medicine specialist for further details.

      1. Hi sir . i am idokumar from India . i am 29 years old now but my height is only 157 cm .. so can i grow taller further ?

    2. Hey sir, my name is carl, i am 15 years old and about 6’1 1/2. im really good at basketball (ranked # 8 in NC)and alot of people tell me that if i get at least 6’4, i can go pro. how can i naturally get taller? what kind of vitamins should i take? im geting a bowflex for christmas so how often can i workout without stunting my growth? and what streches should i do and how many repititions? Please help me step by step!! i’ll rember you when i get to the top;)

  • hi sir my name is chaitanya i am 17yearsold now my height is165cm i want to grow taller is it possible

    1. You are young so You will grow if You have good diet and generally live healthy (check my other blog entries for details)

  • hey i want to grow i’m 5’7 nd want to 6 feet i’m 20 yrs could is t possible, need help

    1. I can’t say for 100% that You will increase height to 6 feets, but I can tell that is possible, just read everything on this blog, and take action 🙂

    1. You are in final stage of growing, it means that Your bones and body are reaching theirs maximal size. Natural methods will not give You so good results to grow from 5’5 -> 6’0.

  • Hello, Kind sir. Im 1 7 years old and im 175 cm i would like to get 5 or 8 cm please tell me how! Btw i train at gym ima bodybuilder

    1. You are 17, this is a moment when kid become men 😉 It also means that You’re still growing. Be carefull with gym, training shoulders too hard can stop Your growth process. Don’t smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, read this blog and You will reach Your destination height 🙂

  • hello Mr.
    im 24 years old and im 167cm

    how can i get taller , if there is any chance?
    have a nice time ..

  • sir im 22 only 169 cm.. bt i want to be 173 cm.. how can it will be possible for me please HELP me…..

  • Sir. I’m 15 years old and I am 190cm tall. Will it be possible for me to reach 200 – 205cm once I’m an adult using your methods?

  • Your bones can be made to grow only through surgery. However, it is very dangerous as the person suffers a lot after the surgery. Moreover, you need to look for the appropriate doctors for this expensive surgery. The person suffers from various complications associated with the surgery. In fact, the bones become vulnerable. As a result, nerve damage, paralysis and death can follow.
    grow taller 4 idiots program really find out the truth how to improve your height. It also exposed many myths and scams that continue to afflict people like us who are just looking for a solution.

  • i m a 13.5 yr old girl and i am 5 2.is it very short.can i grow taller .if yes, then till when and how much?

  • sir,
    I”AM OF 15 MY HEIGHT 144cm. what type of exercise i have to do?
    can u give some tips. how much height can gain

  • Dear Sir
    I am Muhammad yousaf from Pakistan . I am 21 years old and my height is just 162cm. how can i get taller? plz help me

  • Hello!
    I am 22 years old and I am only 161. 🙁
    Can you please help me to grow taller..?
    What hormones will help?

  • hey sir im 14 years old and 5’6 feet and im almost as tall as my dad is that as far as im going to be tall? or if i use theses tips ill help me grow taller?

  • Hi, my name is Bruno, I am 18, 1.70cm, 81 kg and I would like to know if exercises such as Insanity and P90X will unable me to grow, due to the face that i am above the average weight.

  • Hello there. I am current’y 17. Well 18 in two months. I’m 173.5. Around that. Is it possible for me to be reach 5’11” at least?
    My brothers a six footer, both grandfathers are 5’11” but dad is the short one.

  • HI I am just 16 years old but my height just 158cm…my father is 175 and my mother is 163 , can i be more taller ?

  • hi sir ,m frm india m 18 nw,ma height is 5feet5″,i feel very embarased when i stand with ma crowd …plzzz say some of ur tips so i can grow taller quicker…

  • Im 21 yrs old girl but my height only 5.1 inc….my bro is 6.2 inc….plz help me & suggest something which is grow my height plzzzz help me sir i want 2 increase my height………

  • Hi sir! I’m 17 years old this year..and my height is 157 cm.my father height is 169 and my mom height is 155 cm.Can i be like 175 or something?please help me.thx

  • hi im 15 years old and nw i’m in junior college and my height is exact 5 feet pls suggest to increase my height in anyway possible!!! pls pls pls

  • Hi, I’m 13.5 yrs old boy, 5’7 height, my dad is 5’8, my mom is 5’3, will i grow to be like 6’1-6’3 ?

  • Hi Sir,

    Is it possible for me to increase my height, as my age now is 26 years old. And i have height only 160 cm… thanks.

  • sir,
    i am 16 years old im 5″4 and i am goin to the gym . sir can u give me sevaral tips to grow faster to reach about 5″8 and can i grow tall than this are u sure

  • hi sis my name is nag.my age is 20 and my height is 5.3 how to increase my height up to 5.6 plz help me sir ………. ……………..

  • hey im 15 and im about 167 cm tall, i really wanna grow to be at least 170cm would it be possible?

  • Hai sir im vamshikrishna my height 5,1 But i want growth my height in 7years im not growing plz help me sir

  • hello sir, myy name is neida and im 14 im only about 5’0 and i wanna be at least 5’4.can i still grow with exercises? please tell me wat to do im desperate

  • hey I’m 17 years old, I practiced some exercice for get some muscle ( pectoral/triceps,…).
    I’m 175 cm, can I grow ?

    ( If you want see my body for juge look my “website/my facebook” )

  • hi sir i am 21yrs old my height is 5.4″ , i want to reach atleast 5.9″ , tell me the details if it is possible

  • hi sir i’m 21yrs old n my height is 5.1” i want atleast 5.5” pls tel me how i can grow…

  • sir,am shiva am ageis 23 my hight is 5.4 only then i want to hight 5.8 tell me answer and tips to details

  • hi please give responce will iam 17 i am 1.58 i want to increase more 3 cm is it possible iam asian plz help me ….every one is high in my family ecxept me m iam so sad plz give response

  • Hello kind sir. I,m tanay(17 yrs & 3 months) from kolkatta(india). I,m only 155 cm. My dad’s 5.6″ but mom 5″. I’m go to swimming in summer seasons. My friends are about 5.8″. They tease me & give me bad names. It’s affecting my studies also. Now-a-days i feel bad everytime i think of it. My grandad was 6.2″. Please suggest & give advise about streching exercises & a diet which would help me to grow as tall as my grandad. Please sir, help me.

  • Hi, mister
    I am now 30 and only 167cm.
    I wish to reach 1.70 or 1.73.
    Is it possible!
    I am now starting the stretching execises!
    Can you tell me the proper target!

  • hi,I’m Selena .I’m 15 and just 5’2 .i want to grow 5’10 . i also follow regular stretching and diet routines but still no results . please help me so that i can also get real personality .

  • hello sir, i am sonia .i am 19 years old n my height is just 4’10. i did exercise for 1 month but i did not get any result. pls give me some advice to increase my height.

  • hello sir,i am 14 years old,and i am a filipina,i want to grow taller because my height is 145 cm. And i want to grow 160 cm. You know sir,i have a 7 year old cousin,is 140 cm,and i’m very dissapointed,bec. She’s 0nly 7 and im 14,can you help me?bec. Im the shortest of my family.can you help me?plz. Sir,they called me dwarf. 🙁

  • hi m singh

    my height is 165 cm
    n m already 20 yrs old,m taking adequate diet aswell but its no of use

    what exercise should i do gain more height?
    n what r d chances that i grow taller?

  • hey sir. sir I want to grow my height 5.4feet to 6.0feet. my age is 15 year old . I feel jealous when I see my. friends height. sir I hope you reply me and give importance to my words.
    your thankful

  • Hello sir i am 20 year old my height is 5.2 what can i do increase my u height weight 45 kg ,sir plez tell me.

  • hello.sir i am khushboo from india and i am 17 years old ……i want to grow more .can i………..plz suggest………………

  • Dear sir .please kindly tell me how to grow fast with in a month .i am 39 years old and my height 4.9. AND i want to grow at least 5.9. as soon as possible . thank you sir .waiting for your answer

  • I have a really big problem. I’m 17 years old girl and I’m 144cm! Can I still grow? How far can I reach? in how long? Please I’m really sad for not getting taller. Really need a solution. Btw,I’m a taekwondo member.

  • hi sir ,
    i am 29 years old female .my height is 155cm ,i want to make it 160cm or little more then .is it possible
    to increase my height in this age.pls give me answer.tnak you.

  • hi sir , i am amit and i am 5’6 …..and my wieght is 83 kg …..i want to grow to 5’9 …pls help me

  • i am 29 years old my wieth is54kg and height is 155cm i want to have160cm or165cm .is it
    posible in this age .my fater is much tall and mom is 159cm .tell me plss.

  • Hi my height and weight is 157cm and 47kg. I want to grow height is 172cm , weight is 65kg please help me and now my age is 18(1/2).

    1. Hi i am 18(1/2) year old. my height and weight is 152cm and 47kg. how to i grow 172cm height and 65kg weight help me plz,,,plz”’plz…

  • Hello sir, im 19 years old… My hight is 140cm.. It’s too short i think.. How to can i get my hight increase… Please help me.. My parends is short. Its passible…

  • Hi Sir i am 15 years old i am around 5’5 inch. Will i grow more? i don’t have grow a single inch since last year . I want to grow 5-6 inchs more . Please help me .

  • hi i m 17yrs old… my height is 172cm …can i grow any further coz basically i have not grown a centetre since two years

  • i am 25 years old male .my height is 165cm ,i want to make it 168cm or little more then .is it possible
    to increase my height in this age.pls give me answer.tnak you.

  • helo sir
    my age is 14 and my height is 5’5 my father height is also 5’5 my mother 4’11 only i wanna become atleast 5’10 is’nt possible

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